About FitnessCyberLog
FitnessCyberLog started out as a labor of love for me as a way to keep track of my personal workouts.  As technology progressed, and my interests in development increased, I started changing the application.  Today FitnessCyberLog comes in two unique and diverse packages.  In the near future we will be adding a third package so keep coming back to learn more about this new venture. 
FitnessCyberLog Personal Trainer is aimed at the Personal Trainer, Gym Owner, Strength Conditioning Coach, Fire Department, or anyone trying to manage his/her business and numerous clients.  FCL offers the ability to customize the Body Fat Calculation Methods,  plan Nutrition Programs for clients, email workouts , and so much more.  Demonstrate the effect of your program through numerous graphing capabilities to really demonstrate losses and gains made by your clients.

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FitnessCyberLog Personal User Version 3.6 is the our newest upgrade to the original product I created and started using in 1996.  It is aimed at the everyday person looking to keep track of their workout data.  I got so tired of writing in notepads and losing all my data that I created a way to organize all my workout information in a great fun way.  You can create any workout, track every thing you eat, make entries in a daily journal and much much more.  Watch how your strength grows on the exercise graph, or how your one rep max increases over a period of time.

To see actual examples follow this link.
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