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Fitness Training Software
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This page was last updated on: April 6, 2016
The Personal Trainer is designed for any organization who manages his/her business and clients.  Personal Trainer allows the User to create workouts and nutrition plans in advance for numerous clients.  You can track BFP in one easy step.  You can email workouts to your clients and have them load it up in their Personal User Application at their home.  All FitnessCyberLog Products are designed to be simple and easy to use for anyone, yet offer a sophisticated in depth analysis of all workout programs.  If you're training someone, the effects of the graphs will bring home the success of your fitness training program in customizable vivid colors.  Now available in 10, 20, 30 or more user/client licenses for a more affordable, personal fitness tracking software solution.
The Personal User is for anyone looking to track workouts and nutrition habits.  You can create and share your workouts and recipes with the FitnessCyberLog Community. Tired of using notebooks at the gym to track your workouts? Create a workout in Personal User and print a Gym Copy to take with you.  All workouts are easily reloaded so you can edit, repeat, delete or modify and save for any day in the year.  Bring your workout data to life in vivid colorful tables and graphs.  The Personal User also works hand in hand with the Personal Trainer, is extremely affordable, and easy to use.  
Fitness Training Software

FitnessCyberLog Fitness Training Software System is a personal and complete software solution for managing and tracking workout, nutrition,  and fitness data.  It can be utilized by Professional Sport Teams, Collegiate & High School Organizations, Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Police and Fire Departments, Gym Owners, as well as Personal Trainers.  The FitnessCyberLog System currently consists of two products that can work together in the Trainer Version or on its own in the Personal User Version.  If you're looking for a tool that has it all and is easy to use, FitnessCyberLog is the fitness training and tracking software solution for you!
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