FitnessCyberLog Frequently Asked Questions
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1.  Do I need to connect to the Internet to use FitnessCyberLog?
No Internet connection is needed. FCL is a standalone application on your PC or Laptop.
2.  How do I install FitnessCyberLog?
1.  Do the install by clicking on install.exe from the CD.
2.  Follow the directions on the CD under Documents dir in the file SetUpDataSource.doc to setup the                  data source.  (or look at the online version setupdatasource.html)
4.  I get an error when launching FCL that states ....Invocation of this Java Application has caused an invocation
    targetException.  This application will now exit (LAX) or a Popup Appears and says something about
This means you did not follow the steps in SetupDataSource.doc.  This file is located on your installation         CD and includes step-by-step pictures that are very easy to follow and perform.
5. How do I access the members area and what will I find there?
Directions will be posted here shortly.
3. What do I do if my Registration File begins with URN-....or if I am mailed a floppy with a file registration.txt on it?
When you did the install if you took the defaults the Program was installed in
C:\Program Files\FitnessCyberLog Personal User 3.6
in that directory you will see another directory called fitnesscyberlog.  In that dir
C:\Program Files\FitnessCyberLog Personal User 3.6 \fitnesscyberlog there is a default registration.txt              file just replace it with the one on the disk or in the email.
Instructions are also available on the CD under the Documents area.
6. I cannot find certain foods in the Food Database?
Sometimes you will have to add your own food items if the items do not exist in the database.  Also try
      changing your search criteria.  Instead of searching for "Chicken Breast" try searching for "Chicken"